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Food Travel Shop

Food Travel Shop comes from the idea that today eating well and healthily is an essential choice for everyone.

We are not satisfied with producers who only flaunt use of organic farming methods or centuries of tradition. We travel, take note, visit and check whether the products we are offering you really come from man's industriousness and passion for nature and tradition.

The select producers carefully for their outstanding skills in the production of fairly common and widespread products. Theirs have a plus: they are unique for exquisiteness and genuineness in their respective categories.


Food Travel Shop’s journey has just began. We will add geographic areas and post recipes and new products, at regular intervals.

Stay up-to-date! That is the only way to discover the best agri-food produce. At this early stage, we will post mainly Italian products. This website however, is not about "Made in Italy".

This platform is the result of a firm certainty: products processed and transformed by expert artisan hands, are in no way inferior to the products we normally find in large-scale retail shops or supermarkets. And this applies to Italy (which is proudly also our homeland), but not only to it!

This model of tradition and history is not typical of some areas only: we believe that it exists in all countries and peoples of the planet.


We are just beginning. We believe that quality will reward us in the end.

Customers’ satisfaction is our main goal. Come back soon!

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