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Antico Locorotondo

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Straw yellow white wine with light greenish reflections characterized by fruity hints but with a dry and full taste, which lingers long in the mouth. A wine that is drunk young is excellent as an aperitif and is very suitable for pairing with fish, shellfish and seafood based dishes. Born from the blend of the three native Apulian vines: verdeca, alessano white and minutolo, Antico is a typical white DOP wine of the Itria valley, produced since the past by local farmers to try to make the most of the resources of the territory. As the name already suggests, the Antico is vinified respecting the tradition of the old farmers and winemakers of the Itria valley, with a traditional alberello training system, the grapes of the three native vines are combined from the plant, then harvested, destemmed and vinified together with the most modern wine making techniques.

Alcohol content: 12.5% ​​vol.

Vintage: the most recent on the market, according to availability.

Glass bottle: 0.75 L



Antico Locorotondo - 0.75 L bottle

History of the PDO: The area of ​​production of the wine "Locorotondo" includes the entire territories of the municipalities of: Locorotondo and Cisternino and partly the municipal territory of Fasano. The stone, in symbiosis with the vine, is an integral part of the Valle d’Itria and constitutes its visual image with the famous “Trulli”. The vineyards, mostly small, in which the choice of the two predominant vines was made with happy intuition in order to make the most of the characteristics of the territory. The Verdeca vine wants fresh and deep soil from the valley floor; the Bianco d’Alessano vine, more rustic, vegetative and produces well on the ridges poor in cultivable state but exposed to the sun. The one gives the wine its scent and taste, the other the fabric and the body. Together they form the formula for producing the splendid white wine called "Locorotondo".

Grape variety: 60% Verdeca, 35% Alano white, 5% Minutolo.

Breeding system: sapling.

The Producer: I Pàstini - Lino Carparelli, for years a successful consultant, since 1996 has been producing wines of good reliability under the I Pàstini brand. Strong in the long militancy in that of Locorotondo (where he has long led the local social cellar) and thanks to the decisive support of the family, in recent seasons he is increasingly focusing on the good white vocation of the territory of Italy. And it does so through a well-characterized proposal, with wines never caged by the technique and indeed endowed with a "serene" spontaneity.

Production Area: Locorotondo (Bari).

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