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Family Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5 liter savings pack

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The packaging in a 5-liter family size bag is an excellent quality-price compromise for those who use daily extra-virgin olive oil in the kitchen and on the table. This fantastic oil, stored in a practical package with a measuring cap, has the typical Mediterranean character, Lucano in the DNA, is the result of a careful choice of monocultivars, cold-pressed and still harvested with traditional methods. Savor the true taste and quality of 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil: from today it is just a click away.

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Family Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5 liter savings pack

The Producer: Evo Fontana dei Santi - We are in Albano di Lucania, in the wonderful naturalistic setting of the Lucanian Dolomites, where the Pepe family has been dedicated to the activity of oil mills since the fifties. The tradition and experience of the Pepe family are now represented by Luciano and Antonello who since 2012, when they were 23 and 18 years old respectively, have taken over the family business with a single goal: the production of quality extra virgin olive oil. Their history was joined by that of Andrea, who made Lucania his land by choice and who married spirit and tradition, seizing all its potential. And as always, great collaborations arise from heterogeneous unions. A project that aims at the recovery of old olive groves and autochthonous cultivars such as the ogliarola del Bradano, the Racioppa, the Fasola, with crops in organic conversion. A collaboration from which excellent extra virgin oils are born, in which the autochthonous cultivars are best expressed thanks to the processing done with the latest generation machinery used with the knowledge of those who have been milling for many generations. And we look forward to the fact that thanks to this collaboration a very rare historic Lucanian cultivar will be back in production, to whose rebirth Andrea, Antonello and Luciano are dedicating all their efforts.

Production Area: Albano di Lucania (PZ).

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