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Flour for Polenta Taragna

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Polenta taragna is a recipe from the culinary tradition of Valtellina, which is prepared with buckwheat flour and corn flour, to which butter and cheese are added. It is a creamy and substantial polenta, perfect for winter cold, to serve as a main dish, or accompanied by typical salami, or delicious and sizzling grilled sausages. Unlike the "blonde" corn polenta, the taragna has a decidedly darker color. Merit of buckwheat, a crop introduced in Valtellina around the mid-1500s and which today is a Slow Food Presidium. Resistant to cold climates, it has always been one of the fundamental foods of the Valtellina farmers' diet.

Ingredients: Whole corn flour, wholemeal buckwheat flour.

It does not contain gluten. GMOs absent.

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Flour for Polenta Taragna - pack of 500 grams

Nutritional values: (average quantity per 100 g)

Energy: 1,473 KJ - 348 Kcal

Fats: 3.20 g, of which:

saturated fatty acids: 0.68 g

Carbohydrates: 67.90 g, of which:

Sugars: 1.47 g

Fibers: 7.40 g

Proteins: 8.30 g

Salt: 0.0093 g

The Producer: Salumificio Pedranzini - In the seventies, while Bormio began its transformation from a small rural village to a thriving tourist town and its inhabitants left the land to lend their work to the tertiary sector, Maria and Ernesto continued to follow their passion with stubbornness laying the foundations for the birth of a unique mountain farm, where all the raw materials produced, meat and milk, are transformed into high quality cold cuts and cheeses ready for consumption. Today the Salumificio Pedranzini deals, with the same passion of the past, with the breeding of beef and dairy cattle and pigs that are carefully selected and fed with natural products to offer meat with the best flavors in the sign of undisputed quality .

Production Area: Chiuro (Sondrio).

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