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Nocino Modena

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Nocino is a liqueur typical of the province of Modena obtained from the walnut husk, by means of an infusion in alcohol. Since tradition has it that walnuts were harvested on June 24, the day of Saint John the Baptist, the Nocino di Modena is also known as Nocino di San Giovanni. The ancient popular belief in fact wanted that the dew formed in the night between 23 and 24 June was a panacea for every evil, especially for the problems of the digestive system and for the gastro-intestinal disorders, for which the nocino was considered an excellent remedy. The Nocino di Modena IG is therefore considered a digestive liqueur, with its connotative characteristics: brilliance, moderate density and sweetness, just alcohol, as well as its natural prevalence of the taste and aroma of walnut. 0.2 L glass bottle

Ingredients: walnut husk infusion, alcohol, sugar.

Alcoholic Gradation: 38% vol.



Nocino Modena - 200 ml bottle

Notes on Geographical Indication: The Nocino liqueur of Modena IG was recognized as a Geographical Indication by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policies, on 10 June 2014, cataloged in the Spiritual Beverages section. Within its renowned production area, the territory of the province of Modena falls exclusively. The Nocino liqueur of Modena IG is obtained from the aging of hydro-alcoholic infusion of walnut husks for a minimum of 250 g per liter of finished product. In the preparation it is allowed to use optional ingredients such as spice infusions (cinnamon, cloves and coriander). It has an alcoholic strength that varies between 38 and 43 percentage points in volume and a sugar content of 150-400 g / liter, expressed in inverted sugars.

The Producer: Raimondi Agricultural Company - Situated along an ancient Roman decumano, the Raimondi Primo Agricultural Company is dipped in one of the most picturesque and typical rural areas of the territory of Nonantola, in the province of Modena. It was born in the 1960s thanks to the initiative of Vilio, who continued the traditional viticulture activity of the Raimondi family. Expert connoisseur of vines and grapes, he handed down his authentic passion and profound knowledge in the production of wine products, from the cultivation of vines to the secrets of winemaking and acetification processes. The company, which has been producing Balsamic Vinegar of Modena for decades, recently started the production of Nocino di Modena IG, thanks to the preservation of the ancient family recipe and to a good soil planted with walnuts which guarantees the product, the craftsmanship and the goodness of the products of the land typical of the Modena tradition.

Production Area: Nonantola (Modena).

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