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Semi-milled Carnaroli Rice

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The Semi-Milled Carnaroli Rice, of the ancient Venetian rice mill "Riso della Scala", is one of the most important and appreciated varieties among the high-level rice. It is fully part of the traditional heritage of Italian rice cultivation. The Carnaroli Rice is considered one of the best Italian rice of all time and is very appreciated by the chefs of haute cuisine. Its grain is very rich in amylose, which makes it consistent thus guaranteeing excellent cooking resistance and a high capacity to mix and enhance the most diverse flavors and foods. The Carnaroli Rice from Scala, available in packs of 1kg, is excellent for risottos of the regional tradition, such as the one with the pilot meat, in pure Mantuan tradition, but more generally it is always ideal for cooking meat-based risottos , as it remains particularly grainy in style. Very good also for vegetable-based cold rice as it keeps its crunchiness and above all does not break.



Semi-milled Carnaroli Rice - 1 Kg

Cooking time: between 14 and 16 minutes.

The Producer: Riso della Scala - Historical Riseria located in the province of Verona, was born in 1951. A love story for the earth and its products where all the secrets of the experience are enclosed. Founded by Egidio Evelino Cremonesi, it is synonymous with qualitative excellence thanks to the continuous technological research that enhances the nutritional values ​​of the rice of the past. A company with a strong creed, whose reins are now in the hands of Tommaso Cremonesi, who continues to cultivate the family's artisan passion, enriching it with training derived from the Degree in Agriculture. Tradition, innovation, passion. It is thanks to this that the raw material has become a selection of fine varieties of Italian rice known and chosen on the market. The company, located in Bovolone, is devoted to a rice production of absolute value, which makes it an excellence in the Verona area.

Production Area: Bovolone (VR).

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